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Painting supplies

Transform any room in your home instantly, with advice from our certified staff consultants and some new paint or wallpaper. They'll be glad to help you choose the best colors and designs for your home.

Many options to beautify your rooms

Doing it right costs less than doing it over

  • Stencils

  • Wall coverings

  • Paint

  • Color previews

  • Faux finish classes

  • Stains

You can try out faux finish classes to help find that unique look, or visit our huge stencil room to look for creative ideas for that one color of paint.


You can also check out our selection of wallpaper and other wall coverings, as well as our range of paints and stains.

Update your home's interior today

Find the help you need, and the designs and colors you want, today!

Make your walls pop with color.

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